Vitaly Pushnitsky

vitalyVitaly Pushnitsky, based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, is internationally recognized as a painter, sculptor, and graphic artist.


Pushnitsky participated in major group exhibitions in Europe, USA and Russia, such as Venice Biennale (parallel program, 2007), Baltic Biennale, Moscow Biennale, and had numerous solo shows in museums and galleries in Russia and abroad. In 2012 Moscow Museum of Modern Art hosted a large retrospective of Vitaly Pushnitsky showcasing nearly 1000 works by the artist.

Pushnitsky was three times nominated for Kandinsky Prize in Russia (2008-2012 and received a Special Prize of French Government at Kurekhin Festival (Russia) in 2012. His works are in a number of important national collections such as The State Russian Museum in St Petersburg, The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Red Bull Contemporary Art collection, as well as private collections.

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